Fixing The Fridge Water Dispenser (for my future self) 

About once a year, I manage to cause the water line to the water dispenser inside my fridge to freeze. This dispenser isn’t in the fridge door, but on the interior wall of the fridge. (This is a Kitchen Aid French Door fridge with an interior water dispenser.)

I then spend a bunch of time googling how to fix it, never find anything, pull the fridge out from its embedded spot in the wall (a giant pain in the ass), and start using a blow dryer on any of the water line I can see.

This year, I even went one step further, and bought this little tube you stick up the dispenser and flush with warm water. Which was able to make a little bit of a mess, but definitely not clear out any of the ice.

And, then, eventually, I stumble upon the fact that there is a coil of water line behind the fruit and veggie drawers, and that’s where the little bit of ice is, and 30 seconds with the hair dryer thaws it out.

So–for future me–don’t move the whole freaking fridge. Just pull out the drawers, hit it with the blow dryer, and enjoy fresh, cold water.