1 Week Away 

We’re one week away from one of the most momentous inaugurations of my lifetime, and I’m filled with a mixture of hope and profound dread.

It seems to me the events of the last week have lead to many folks at least reckoning what their unfettered support of a tyrant has lead to – “I supported a violent insurrection, and all I got was this lousy tax cut” – but has also highlighted those people whom are either ill-suited to represent anyone in government, or are so craven for power that they continue to be ok supporting violence, misinformation, and white supremacism.

The only path out of this I see is the good and just portions of society, on both sides of the political spectrum, making this behavior beyond the pale (i.e. GOP leadership holding Fox News accountable; expelling or censuring reps like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene; regulating Facebook/Twitter/Youtube who clearly cannot be trusted to police themselves).

If 2020, and now 2021, have taught us anything, a lot can happen in a week. Maybe I’ll feel more optimistic on January 20th.