End Family Separation 

It’s hard to have the energy to react to every single thing the Trump administration does. Cut taxes on the top 1%; offer to recognize Crimea as part of Russia; invent a city where ICE liberated them from MS-13; criticize the press as an enemy of the state and then don’t respond when someone goes and actually shoots them.

My wife has been much more responsive to this ongoing attack on human decency (not American values, but simply). I have fallen into the trap of just mentally tallying the people in and around my life for whom I have lost respect.

But, now having kids of my own, I simply don’t know how it’s conscionable to separate young children from their parents.

Say what you want about (illegal) immigration. It’s just not as big an issue as people want to believe it is, but, whatever, I’ll concede it’s illegal. But taking babies away from their parents, isolating them, and having no plan on how to reunite them?

That’s fucking evil. That’s “go down in history” evil.

The people who work for the administration, from the top down to the officers enforcing this policy, are complicit. The fact that there is still no plan how to bring these families back together is heartbreaking. I get weepy when I think about someone taking my kids away from me and putting them somewhere that they might not get back to me.

This is the line that I don’t think you can come back from. You’re either a human being with feelings and empathy, or you’re not.

We all know Stephen Miller and Donald Trump fall in the latter category. I’d hope everyone else isn’t quite so evil.

And, remember, this is a President who’s expressed a belief in authoritarian rule, the end of due process, and maybe that being President for life isn’t such a bad idea. Today, it’s somebody else’s kid. Who is to say that it’s not your kid tomorrow?