Apple AirPods May Be Apple's New Big Product 

I got some AirPods for Christmas. They’re awesome. I wear them everyday on my commute, when I’m running, and around the house. The pairing experience is great. Just a well designed product.

I pay attention to what people are carrying and using when I’m out and about, and taking the subway to and from work (and Celtics games), I do a lot of people watching. Prior to Christmas, I rarely saw AirPods. Lots of (wired) Apple headphones, lots of Beats, lots of other headphones. Few AirPods.

Yesterday, it dawned on me. At least 5% of the people in the car I was riding had AirPods in. Given that they are still in short supply, I’m guessing that Apple has another hit on its hands. Similar to the Apple Watch, where it’s clearly a hit, but Apple isn’t comfortable breaking out the numbers yet, I expect the AirPods are proving to be a big winner for Apple.1

  1. They just need some way to change the volume without having to use Siri. I suggest some sort of sliding gesture, but I’m guessing that’s either a) technically challenging/expensive, or b) a concern that people would slide the AirPod right out of their ear.