One Year Later 

One year later, America is slowly waking up.

Representative Scott Taylor, a Republican from Virginia Beach, said he considered the Democratic sweep in Virginia a repudiation of the White House. He faulted Mr. Trump’s “divisive rhetoric” for propelling the party to defeat, and said he believed traditionally Republican-leaning voters contributed to Mr. Northam’s margin of victory.

“I do believe that this is a referendum on this administration,” Mr. Taylor said of the elections. “Democrats turned out tonight, but I’m pretty sure there were some Republicans who spoke loudly and clearly tonight as well.”

Channeling the shock of Republicans across the state, Mr. Taylor voiced disbelief at the party’s rout down ballot. “I know folks that lost tonight who were going against candidates I’d never even heard of,” he said.

I have an affinity for Virginia, obviously, so I’m proud of the state that elected a transgender person over someone who called themselves “Chief homophobe” and elected Chris Hurst, who is a gun control supporter (who lost his girlfriend in a horrible incident) and campaigned on issues like that and access to health care.

In Virginia, health care was the big factor for most voters. Same in Maine, where they voted to expand Medicaid coverage.

The next big event is in a month in Alabama. Keeping Roy Moore out of the Senate should be a national priority.