Down the Middleism 

But those who privately thought things had gone too far were given a voice by James Damore, 28, a soft-spoken Google engineer. Mr. Damore, frustrated after another diversity training, wrote a memo that he posted to an internal Google message board. In it, he argued that maybe women were not equally represented in tech because they were biologically less capable of engineering. Google fired him last month.

This normalization of a) bullshit, but moreover, b) someone who the vast majority of researchers and academics have said has little understanding of the topics in his “memo” is how we ended up with our current President and the de-shaming of white supremacy.

This feels like an attempt to call it “down the middle”, but you don’t do that when the facts are (predominantly) on one side of the argument. At a minimum, you point out where the facts don’t fit the narrative.

Or, you hire Ron Howard to do commentary on the article.