Testing From the iPad 

If you happened to have caught this post a bit ago, you would have seen some generic content. I was testing how well I could post from the iPad to my Jekyll site. Since I’m using a git deploy mechanism, that means using an app called Working Copy, and some automation via an Editorial workflow.

I based my workflow off the work of Kirby Turner, adopting it to meet my needs. The big difference I have is that I started with an Editorial Document Template1 which creates the framework of the post. I can then write the post, click a button to trigger the workflow, and it’s committed to the git repo locally. Then I pop into Working Copy, double check things, and push the changes to my git repo to trigger the post.

That’s an extra step or two, but it’s actually not bad. It forces me to make sure I’m reviewing things before they go live. Besides, I don’t tend to post a lot of just quick posts, so this isn’t really any different than doing it at my desk.

I probably will start to poke around with another version of this, triggered from the Workflow app (not to be confused with Editorial’s workflows), that maybe will take the most recent photo, create a post, commit it, and ship it up to the site without too much interaction.

I like my iPad being a nearly full fledged computer. If I didn’t use my iPad so much, I’d update to the iOS 11 beta to take advantage of all the new iPad goodness.

  1. The only downside to this is that I don’t think Editorial document templates are sync’d between devices (the way you can sync workflows), which meant I had to rebuild it on my phone. Not the end of the world, but a bit more work than I’d wanted.