Evernote to Apple Notes 

I’ve been an Evernote user for about 8 years now. The earliest note I have in Evernote is from May of 2008. I’m not an uber-power user, but I’ve used Evernote for a lot of things over the years and have about 1400 notes in Evernote. It has been a big part of my move to go paperless.

I store manuals for devices and equipment in the house in a notebook, recipes, articles, receipts. However, over the years, the app got bigger and bulkier and my usage got more refined. There are loads of stories about where Evernote went wrong. In their defense, they’ve been trying to refine the product over the past year.

My issues are reasonably simple: the app got too complicated for a note taking/archiving.

With the convenience of Apple Notes (it’s syncs on all my devices, is reasonably lightweight), I’ve been toying with the idea of dumping Evernote (and saving myself a little money) and moving my notes into Apple Notes. I think, by and large, it does an ok job of replacing Evernote.

Except it’s missing the Web Clipper.

There’s a Web Clipper for Apple Notes for iOS via Workflow (warning: I haven’t tried it yet).

But there’s not one for the Mac that I’ve found yet.

While I search for one (anyone found a solution?), I’m going to slowly test moving different notebooks over to Apple Notes and see if I can simplify my paperless workflows and make life a bit more convenient.