Apple TV and Xfinity Partner Program? 

As I mentioned back when I got my new Apple TV, Comcast making it’s internet-based TV solution available for the Apple TV would be a huge win for everyone. It let’s Comcast keep their foot in the door with folks who are heavily invested in streaming media, and it gives Apple a solution for live TV on the Apple TV.

Comcast just announced their Xfinity Partner Program, which in theory, would allow Apple to deliver the app themselves, integrating the Xfinity on-demand library (and maybe even DVR and live tv guide) into the Siri voice search.

For folks who are already invested in the Comcast eco-system, but spend a lot of time on their Apple TVs, this could be a big win, eliminating flipping back and forth between inputs, and bringing Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services into the same interface as your live cable. Hopefully, Apple sees the value here, as it could act as a gateway to get more folks into Apple TVs.