Top 10 of 2015: #5 The Race - Oh Pep! 

The Race - Oh Pep!

The first Melburnians on the list (hint, hint), there’s a quote on Oh Pep’s website that I think does a pretty good job of describing the band:

‘If Sylvan Esso and First Aid Kit had a musical lovechild, the result would be Oh Pep!’ -IndieX

That’s pretty damn accurate.

This is a folk band. There’s guitars and strings, but it’s all used almost percussively. If you catch a live performance, you’ll see they’re plucking and strumming a fiddle. It’s such a unique sound, and it’s put together in a song that’s paced more like a synthpop song than a song by a “folk” duo.

The Sylvan Esso comparison is spot on—it’ll be this time next year that Oh Pep! will probably be headlining their own big time gigs.