Great Musical TV Scenes 

Following up on the exercise of highlighting some great musical movie scenes, here are some great musical TV scenes. I’ll only give five, but I probably could have gone on for a billion.

Scrubs - How To Save a Life

Scrubs used music as well as any show on TV. I don’t think anything crushed me more than this montage. Dr. Cox, the strong, superhuman doctor loses it over The Fray’s “How to Save a Life”. Still causes me to choke up.

(Here’s another great “Scrubs” musical moment …)

(What the hell, here’s another … )

Coupling - Spiderman

Pre-“Doctor Who” Steven Moffat builds up to this scene over three seasons of TV, imbues it with such meaning, and then undercuts it with the “Spiderman” theme, a call back to a previous episode.

The first three season of “Coupling” are easily amongst the top five sitcoms of all time. Watch the two scenes in order.

Veronica Mars - It Never Rains in Southern California

You know the teen noir of “Veronica Mars” couldn’t end on a really happy note, but this might be the most fitting ending for a show that perfectly hit the greys of Neptune, California.

Chuck - I’m a Pilot

Like “Scrubs”, “Chuck” had a billion great musical moments. I love the way “I’m a Pilot” works perfectly with the landing of the parachuting soldiers and Chuck’s dash to save Sarah.

(For good measure, here’s another amazing scene from “Chuck” … JEFFSTER!)

Supernatural - Carry On My Wayward Son

Every season, “Supernatural” does a fantastic montage at the start of the season finale to “Carry On My Wayward Son”. They really do excel at the montage.

Here’s basically eight of them, back to back.

(For good measure, here’s Jensen Ackles lip syncing “Eye of the Tiger”.)