2014 NBA Draft Thoughts 

Thursday night brings us the 2014 NBA Draft. Our Celtics pick 6th and 17th (though it wouldn’t surprise me to see them move around, given the depth of the top of this draft).

At this point, I’m nearly convinced that Aaron Gordon is the pick at #6. He’ll bring massive athleticism to the team, and the ability to defend almost any position on the court. Plus, with a year of college ball under his belt, he should be more polished than the Celtics’ recent “athletic” picks (Gerald Green, Kedrick Brown). Sure, he can’t shoot, but that’s (generally) coachable.

If Joel Embiid were to fall to #6, it makes the decision trickier, but I’m not sure you can pick a center in the top 10 who’s now got a history of back and foot problems.

(I’d also be very happy with Marcus Smart or Dante Exum at #6.)

At #17, it’s a bit more of a crapshoot. If you take Gordon at #6, you’re probably looking at a guard for #17. That’s P.J. Hairston, Zach LaVine, or maybe Gary Harris if he takes a big slide down the board. If you go guard with the first pick, I think you’re looking at small forwards like T.J. Warren or Rodney Hood. Or, you take a big risk and go for one of the big Euros (Clint Capella, Jusuf Nurkic), though I’m very against that idea.

With all of the assets the Celtic have, it should make Thursday an interesting night.