The Television Reckoning 

’twas a bad end to the television season for me.

Community, which I think I rate in the top 10 shows ever (and probably top 5 sitcoms), was canceled.
Trophy Wife, a show that was probably one of the better new family sitcoms, lasted one season.
Suburgatory, a show that, at its best, gave us Ryan Shea (aka Eugene Goldfarb) and Dalia Royce, was canceled.
Enlisted, a touching, funny show that stole “Ryan Shea” from Suburgatory, didn’t even make it through its first season.
How I Met Your Mother, a show that had a great peak, nearly ruined its legacy with a tone-deaf final season.

Topping it off, Parks and Recreation and Cougar Town are both finishing up after one more season.

Want to know why people are spending more time on Netflix? I’m not worried about them canceling The West Wing or Scrubs (again).