OmniFocus 2 is out! 

I’ve been using the OmniFocus 2 beta for a few months and on Wednesday, The Omni Group officially released OmniFocus 2.0.

They’ve launched it with a bunch of nice videos, an iBooks-based manual, and an entirely new site devoted to folks’ workflows and ideas on how to use OF. That should help temper the learning curve for OmniFocus a bit and help show the myriad ways it can make your life a bit easier to manage.

OmniFocus 2 has been the impetus for me to get even more stuff into it, to try to better manage the hundreds (or thousands) of things that come across my desk/email/brain every week. Between OF2 and Evernote, I feel like I’ve got a reasonable handle on my time and organizing my tasks and info (though I do spend far too much time pushing tasks I ran out of time for into the future, which isn’t quite as rewarding).

The best way to figure out if OmniFocus is for you is to watch someone else use it. Check out the videos (or this in-depth video tutorial/review) and see if it’ll work for you.