Top 10 Songs of 2011: #9 Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out 

I really wanted to not like this song. I avoided it like the plague for weeks. "The Dog Days Are Over" was so catchy and so incredibly overplayed. And whereas the Florence + The Machine maniacs love her often off-pitch singing in her live performances, the live performances on Saturday Night Live made me like her songs less.

So how the hell did this song end up at #9? I don't know. I wish I did. I heard it on the radio and said "Hmm, that's not too bad." Then I'd hear it again and sing along. Then I'd listen to it on Spotify. Then I'd listen to the whole album and find another song or two that aren't too bad.

I don't think I'm ever going to be a huge fan of Florence, or her Machines. But, man, I like this song.

(I'm a complete sucker for songs that start quiet, then kick into a faster gear, drive forward for a bit, then break out; this song does that in the first 90 seconds.)