Top 10 Songs of 2011: #4 Cults - You Know What I Mean 

Hey, another female fronted band (this isn't the last on the list)! Cults were sort of the music blog darlings of 2010-11, with their ridiculous good songs "Go Outside" and "Abducted". Another duo, this is 60s and 70s pop music drenched in today's production to come out with a sound that you'd be hard pressed to pinpoint in era.

It's also really good. This track stands out, in my mind, because of how blatantly it rips off "Where Did Our Love Go?" Normally, that'd be a bad thing, but it is so overtly borrowed, yet so incredibly different, that you can't help but feel like this is the modern successor to that song.

At 2 and a half minutes, it's this perfect, fuzzy, slow, sort of haunting song that has these little moments of power that pop up every 30 seconds or so. It's short enough (like most Cults songs) that it doesn't overstay its welcome.