Top 10 Songs of 2011: #10 Fleet Foxes - Montezuma 

Fleet Foxes - "Montezuma"
This is probably the first album by Fleet Foxes that couldn't have been made in the 60s. I don't mean that in any backhanded way, at all. They just make good, timeless music. No crazy instruments or synths. There's no gimmick here. A bunch of guys with their guitars, singing harmonies, and making good folk music.

There are, for lack of a better term, peppier songs on Helplessness Blues (including the song of the same name). But, I mean, seriously, this is why Fleet Foxes are awesome, right? The song is so simple and beautiful, and as it hits the last minute, it has a little breakdown, and then we basically go a cappella for 30 seconds (not quite, but close), and then we coast out.

It's just pretty.