Anybody who can't make money off of Sports Night ... 

Hacking NetFlix: "Reuters reports that the new Netflix deal with Showtime withdraws current Showtime originals like Dexter and Californication from streaming, but leaves older shows like Tudors and Sleeper Cell. 

The change, part of a new arrangement, means no 'Dexter' or 'Californication' episodes from previous seasons will be available on Netflix, as had been the case under the current arrangement which covered the first two seasons of the shows. Episodes of current originals will be on Showtime's authenticated broadband service, Showtime Anytime.

Instead of introducing the 20+ million Netflix subscribers to past seasons of hit shows to drive interest in subscribing to Showtime, it looks like Showtime joins HBO in realizing that Netflix just might be a competitor."

Someday, television networks will get it, right? Why would you not want to expose as many people to your show as possible, to get them to then signup for your network (or, for the broadcast networks, to record/watch your network) to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes.

The biggest obstacle to picking up a new television show is fearing you will not understand what is going on. With shows like Lost, Friday Night Lights, etc., the ability to catch up on everything before a new season airs is a godsend. That's how the girlfriend got caught up on Lost and was able to watch the last couple of season with me, live as they happened. Any TV network that wouldn't want to take advantage of the opportunity to mint new viewers is destined to end up picking up the scraps left behind by Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.

Or, to paraphrase Sports Night:

Anybody who can't make money off of television on Netflix should get out of the money-making business