Top Songs of 2009: #6 Neko Case -- This Tornado Loves You 

I got into Neko Case when I heard her sing with The New Pornographers and was like "crap, she's awesome." Then I started grabbing her music and realized "Holy Jebus! She is awesome."

And her newest album is no different. It'll probably win some Grammys and she'll finally get the notoriety she deserves and folks will get to hear her belt out awesome songs. In this case, it's a song about what would happen if you fell in love with a tornado and it basically f'd you up. So take that.

This Tornado Loves You -- Neko Case

(p.s. While you're at it, you should probably listen to this song from 2006. Then you'll basically go buy all of her stuff. You can thank me later.)

Hold On, Hold On -- Neko Case