Top Songs of 2009: #5 Passion Pit -- Moth's Wings 

Passion Pit blew up this year. Huge. Commercials. Shows on The CW. FNX's Christmas on Tremont St. concert, arguably upstaging Phoenix and Spoon.

I don't generally like music that runs this electronic. But this is so damn poppy, and so damn good, and they can play all of this music live ... it's not just someone in a studio. It's a bunch of synths and instruments. They're a real band playing real music, that just sounds like it was a dude in a studio with a bunch of computers.

So, that's how I end up with Passion Pit in my top 10. And "Moth's Wings", in particular, as it's the deepest song, sonically, I think, from the whole album.

Moth's Wings -- Passion Pit