What Do You Do When You're Sick? 

Around Wednesday I started feeling sore -- an achy back and neck. It got progessively worse (from handleable to requiring a few Advil every couple of hours) until Saturday when I had a fever, headache, and even worse back pain. It was a fantastic way to start a long weekend.

So, given that I was going to be spending a majority of my time on the couch or in bed, most of it was going to be consuming a bunch of the media that had been collecting over the past few weeks. 10 or 12 podcasts, 3 Netflix DVDs, and a whole bunch of season finales on my DVR (Heroes, Lost, Veronica Mars). With work and the generally nicer weather, a variety of things have been building up across my network.

It's an odd feeling to be anxious about the things building up on your "convenience" devices (DVRs, iPods, DVDs-by-mail). The whole point of these tools is to make life more convenient (which they do!), but the downside is that from time to time, when you've been really enjoying the convenience, you get to a point where you're not sure how you're going to get through all of the media you've saved up. It's an oddly daunting feeling.

It's the downside (if you can call it that) of the "digital-content-at-your-convenience-era". Media overload.

After spending a whole bunch of time on the couch, I've made it through most of the TV on my DVR. I've still got 7 or 8 hours of podcasts to get through, but I'll make up that time at work (just one of the benefits of working at a computer). Hopefully, I'll get through one more DVD, too, which would make this little bout with what seems to be the flu about as successful as it could be (minus the night sweats, fever, and inability to sleep).