If Only I Weren't So Lazy ... 

Remember back when I mentioned that I should build a little centralized social networking manager where you could manage your profile in one place?

Well, I don't have to anymore. ProfileLinker did it for me.

TechCrunch pointed to them today, which means they're bound to get a good bit of traffic today. Reading through the comments, folks are hitting on many of the reasons I never got energized to actually do anything about it: the networks could cut you off; users would have to really trust you to give you their login/pass; there are so many networks that you'd be constantly trying to keep up as new networks emerged (as well as keep old networks working).

Partnering with the networks is the only way to make it work long term, I think, and that's a tall order given that any centralized management system removes page views from their site, thus removing ad views from their site, thus directly reducing their revenue stream.

Still, it's an idea that needs to happen because managing multiple profiles is just silly.