Using Google Reader, Day 4 

I'm into about day 4 of using Google Reader for my RSS feed reading. So far, so good. I'm getting through feeds much more quickly; I've even added a few more feeds because I've found it faster getting through feeds in the Reader interface.

Only a couple of flaws at this point:

  1. If you keep the Reader open in a tab or browser window, it can seemingly get out of sync. I've had a couple of times when the reading window thinks the feeds are read, but the left column doesn't, and moving back and forth results in things getting weirdly out of sync. I'm guessing it's just a web-performance issue (as it's doing a ton of HTTP/XML work everytime you read a bunch of feeds), but that's something you don't run into when you're using a desktop client.
  2. I miss being able to highlight/color code certain feeds or search terms. That'd be a nice feature, as right now, feeds aren't differentiated particularly well when you scroll down.

Otherwise, I haven't found a reason to move back to a desktop client yet. I'm rather impressed.