YouTube on YourTV: Thanks Nintendo! 

So, I'm a Nintendo dork. I talked about the Nintendo DS a while ago, and I still play the crap out of it.

I'm now completely enamored with their next system, the Wii. Silly name, awesome idea. I'm sure I'll talk about it more at some point.

But I just realized today that, because the Wii is going to support the Opera web browser, and because it's going to support Flash .... I can watch YouTube videos on my TV through the Wii. I can't tell you how awesome that is. I don't love watching TV on my computer. Well, I do, but not as much as I love watching it on my actual TV.

Think of all the stupid stuff on YouTube. Now think of how much more stupid stuff you'll watch when you can do it while laying on your couch. That right there is icing on the cake.