So I said I was going to eventually change my theme. I was fixing up some of the other sites I help run (Dewey's House, Blair Wasdin Project, Chair Chuckers), and I got motivated and decided to start messing with my site.

I was browing the WordPress Community Theme Viewer and came across this one by Lasse Havelund and I was smitten. Not the perfect color scheme, and I need to make a new header image (gotta find out if The Gimp can read PSD files ... I think it can!), but damn, it's nice looking. I've been making some small tweaks here and there (changing where the comment text goes, some sidebar rearranging and changing, and the nifty digg! post icon). The big thing will be a new header image.

Of course, I just mucked around with Gimp for a while and it sucks dealing with PSD files (well, with layers), so I'm probably going to have to find someone who's got Photoshop and actually make some real edits. Or maybe I'll just go with my craptastic Photoshopping skills.

Thankfully, I know some folks who are good at this sort of thing. Because I suck at the Photoshopping.

A free beer for whomever can come up with a better header image.