Old and Fragile 

I'm not sure at what point you cross that line from getting hurt/immediately recovering to getting hurt/having injuries last for weeks, but it's apparently happened to me. I've been having minor knee issues for a while. Nothing major, except that once or twice in spring (usually when I start to run distances again outside) one of my knees will just decide that it doesn't like running. No swelling, nothing jarring, just simply the inability to do anything more than walking.

A little over a week ago, I was playing softball and decided to run into a fence. I thought it would be the normal pain for a day, fine the next injury. Except it looks like I pretty severely sprained my ankle and did something to my wrist/arm.

The ankle's just down to about normal size now (probably still about 5-10% bigger than normal), but the bruising has mostly receded. It no longer looks like this:

The big dark line below my ankle is the black bruise that's lasted about a week. It got prettier as the swelling receded and actually made the bruise visible. A week of ice, wraps, heat, and advil have gotten me to the point where it's only sore in the morning before it gets loosened up.

Of course, favoring my ankle for a week has caused my knee to start to act up, feeling sore and generally making all sorts of noise when I go from sitting to standing. I assume that'll go away in the next few days, but given the way my body has been healing, maybe not.

Making things worse, I also slammed my wrist when I ran into the fence. It doesn't hurt a ton, but enough to be uncomfortable. Somehow, in the midst of all this, I did something to my incredibly underwhelming biceps. It doesn't hurt normally, only when doing something like pulling or pushing ... you know, using the muscles in my arm. I end up with a pain running from my shoulder down into my biceps.

I wish I knew at what point you start to become frail. It's apparently happened to me, but had I seen it coming, I think I could have at least started to be a little more careful (vitamins, advil, whatever). Or maybe I should just stop bitching and be happy that I can still get by with a wrapped ankle and some ibuprofen.