I need to write more 

I do. When I write more, my brain works better, and the random cruft that gets stuck in my head gets jarred loose, spilling out and letting the good stuff percolate a bit more in there. That means I'm more cogent, less grumpy, and just a generally cooler guy*. Also, maybe I'll figure out what it is that's got me stuck in the general malaise that's permeated my life for the last couple of months. Again, I think I've just got some random gunk stuck in the brain that's keeping the good stuff out (there's a good scientific explanation for ya).

So, more music discussion. More web discussion (since that's what I do for a living a billion little things happen each day that I probably should write down so I can remember them later). More TV discussion. More movie discussion. More discussion.

I'm going to aim to type something every day ... just because that seems like a good aim. Let's see how long I can keep it up.

I also think I'm going to try to work up a new Wordpress template. Something my own. That'll take some time, and since I completely lack creativity, if you've got ideas, leave them in a comment and I'll take them into consideration. In other words, if you're more creative than me, I'll gank your idea. But I'll give you credit and maybe send you something cool like a 1987 Mike Greenwell Topps card. With the fake wood border!

(*definition of cool on a relative scale of Orville Redenbacher to Miles Davis.)