I'm Avoiding My Front Door 

Someone just rang my door bell, and I have no desire to donate money to anyone's damn cause. Seriously, I hate that it is legal to harrass people into donating to your cause. My cell phone has gone off like twice a day from the same batch of Colorado numbers trying to get me to send more money to the Human Rights Campaign (who I will not link to because they've been a pain in my ass).

So, here I sit, waiting out the person at the door who could be here to give me a giant million dollar check, but is more likely hoping I'll become a member of their organization for the low, low price of only $20 a month. And then I'll get a sticker and a newsletter.


It's the year 2006. I've got multiple computers. If I want to give you money, I'll do it over the interweb. Please leave me alone.