WordPress 2.01 

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to WordPress 2.01. I had been hesitating since I hadn't wanted to reconfigure my plugins/themes/hacks, but figured I needed to do it eventually. My web host recently launched a nifty "you've got WP 1.5 installed, click this link and we'll upgrade everything for you."

I clicked, it ran, and it just worked. That's really nifty and a really good hosting feature. It's also something that now I'm noodling around in my brain figuring out how to implement something like that for some of the features that the company I work for offers.

WordPress 2.01 has a much nicer interface, with a really great text editing box. It's also got cool AJAX-y fields on the right that let you expand/collapse UI bits you care/don't care about. And now I can add category fields on the fly, which is fricking awesome. The post preview also gets rendered in your theme, so you know pretty much exactly how it'll look.

If you see anything that doesn't work the way it should, drop me a note here.