Is it the avian flu or a normal cold? 

My ass has been getting kicked this week by a cold. It's probably the avian flu. It started last Sunday - woke up with a sore throat and quite congested. Downed some Dayquil caps and I was good to go. I even took part in my normal Sunday basketball game.

Monday was more of the same. Wake up a few times during the night because I can't breathe normally, go grab a couple of bills, sleep another hour or two, shower, and then I'm fine.

I figured I'd be through it quickly.

Almost a week later, I'm still repeating the same daily routine. Normally stuff like Dayquil or your normal cold medicine is enough to knock it out, since I take medicine so rarely my body hasn't developed an immunity (or so I like to convince myself). It's just not working this time. I think this big, crappy snow storm is probably for the best. I'll take it easy, catch up on some Netflix movies that have been sitting here for a while, and try to get rid of this annoying cold.

Except . . . I need to go buy a shovel, since the one for my apartment died last night when I was trying to clean up after I spent 30 minutes trying to get the snow blower to start, and then an hour actually snow blowing everything. Yes, I managed to complain about using a snow blower. I really do think I should get a wovel.

So, instead of just relaxing, I'll probably make a Home Depot/Target run, maybe stopping off at Best Buy to tempt myself with the Nintendo DS/Mario Kart bundle. Then I'll sit down with some tea and maybe something nice to eat, watch one of the movies I've got from Netflix, and attempt to defeat this fowl sickness.

I really hope someone gets that joke.