2006 Red Sox Tickets 

Red Sox tickets went on sale today for next season. Well, for part of next season. It's also the day that Sox Pax go on sale, so they can bundle 3 crappy games with 1 good game.

Last year, through the help of what's affectionately referred to as "the magic link," I was able to get in and get the Opening Day Sox Pack. It was a combination of having good resources and a bit of luck that got me past the hell of the "Virtual Waiting Room," and into the ticket buying screen. They only give you like a minute or two to decide how many you're going to buy. I hadn't talked to anyone beforehand, so while I knew people would want to go, I didn't know who could go, or who would be willing to pay. Plus, you're limited to 4 tickets at most. Surprisingly, I do know more than 4 folks who would want to go . . .

So I just bought myself a pack. I don't mind going to games by myself, and it worked out pretty nicely, minus the crap I took from everybody for not getting them a ticket. I really got the last laugh though, as you can see here.

I haven't been as lucky today. No magic link, and no getting through on any of the Sox Pax that I tried (I've still got two browser tabs open trying in vain to get through).

I did get through on a Friday night game in May versus the Rangers though. And I bought four tickets, so no one can bitch. Dead centerfield bleachers. Not really great seats, but whatever.

Let the attempts to win my friendship begin!

UPDATE (12:25): Someone found the new "magic link" and I picked up 2 seats to the Beltway Pack. That's 4 more games for people to attempt to convince me they deserve a ticket!