About three weeks after I signed up for the "priority list", I finally got TiVoToGo pushed down to my TiVo. 30 minutes later, I'm pulling stuff off of my TiVo that I've been saving for over a year, namely, an appearance I made on an AT&T/Comcast show (in support of a friend's movie, Working Stiff).

It's particularly interesting as it's the first time I've ever been on television in just my boxers.

More on TiVoToGo later. Right now, I'm digging it a good bit. It's good functionality -- with a really flawed rollout.

It'll be even better when I can push stuff onto my TiVo. That way, I can use BitTorrent like a second TiVo, download episodes of stuff that is on opposite stuff I currently TiVo, and not have to worry about hooking my laptop up to my TV.