Dear Mark Blount 

Dear Mark Blount,

I warned the Celtics about resigning you. You have the worst hands in basketball. You play softer than a European swingman, except your 7 feet tall and 230 lbs or so.

And now everyone can see how badly you suck and how you started coasting once you got your big money contract. If you weren't such a pathetically bad basketball player, it'd almost be funny.

But it's not. It stopped being funny a long time ago.

Please do us all a favor and tear your ACL or something. You can use your millions of dollars to buy yourself a stylish suit and sit on the end of the bench while the Celtics play better with Kendrick Perkins and Al Jefferson in the game - two young players who actually have a future in the league.

So, I'd like to say thanks. Thanks for mailing it in all season, being the low point of what is, at least, an interesting Celtics season. Thanks for making me look really smart when I told everyone I knew that they should never resign you and they should have kept Chris Mihm. Maybe Danny Ainge will see this and give me a job.

A Celtics Fan